Bogawantalawa Legend BOPF Ceylon Tea, Loose Tea 400g

Bogawantalawa Legend BOPF Ceylon Tea, Loose Tea 400g


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Ceylon Tea 400g Sri Lanka Bogawantalawa Estate 
Legend Pure Loose Leaf Black Tea - Premium BOPF
(Pure Loose Leaf Black Tea - BOPF Grade)

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Product Description :

Bogawantalawa is one of the most breathtaking and spectacular tea valleys in the world. 
Like a beloved child, it is fondly called many names; 'The Golden valley', 'The Golden Bowl of Ceylon Tea' and 'The Valley of the Saints'.

It is a fleeting panorama. Beveled valleys - not seldom covered with mist - could most unexpectedly alter into sunshine and the luscious verdure 
from millions and millions of tea bushes will suddenly shine like Gold. It's endless rows of tea bushes working their way up in the hills - every area 
sculptured like an English garden - gives a feeling of fantasia; a beauty unsurpassed!

Loose Leaf Tea
BOPF Grade 
Ingredients- 100% Pure Ceylon Black Tea.

To Make Perfect cup of Tea
  1. Use tea spoon per cup. 
  2. Pour hot water just below the boiling point and steep for 3 to 5 
  3. minutes to enjoy the full distinctive character of this soothing brew.

High Grown Ceylon Tea from the finest tea gardens in Bogawanthalawa Valley Sri Lanka. 
Known as the '' Golden Valley of Ceylon Tea''.

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