Red Sandalwood Powder PTEROCARPUS SANTALINUS for Face Mask 100g

Red Sandalwood Powder PTEROCARPUS SANTALINUS for Face Mask 100g


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Red Sandalwood Powder  Face Laal Chandan Pterocarpus santalinus Free Ship

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Red Sandalwood Powder

Bulk Herbs: Red Sandalwood Powder (Wildcrafted)
Pterocarpus soyauxii

Format: Powder

Also known as: Bois de Santal Rouge, Pterocarpus santalinus, Rakta Chandan, Red Sanderswood, Red Saunders, Rubywood, Sándalo Rojo, Sandalwood Padauk, Santal Rouge, Santali Lignum Rubrum, Santalum Rubrum, Sappan.

Sandalwood, or Pterocarpus soyauxii, is a small tree that has been said to have several benefits. It has actually been being used for over four thousand years. The Sandalwood tree is only about 45 foot tall but takes almost 80 years to fully mature. To get quality whole organic Sandalwood oil takes time. The oil is also highly regulated by the Indian Government. 

Red sandalwood is a tree. The wood at the center of the trunk (heartwood) is used as medicine. Red sandalwood is used for treating digestive tract problems, fluid retention, and coughs; and for “blood purification.”

In manufacturing, red sandalwood is used as a flavoring in alcoholic beverages. Don’t confuse red sandalwood (Pterocarpus soyauxii) with white sandalwood (Santalum album). Red sandalwood might increase the loss of body water through the urine (diuretic effect). It might also have drying effects that may help reduce diarrhea and break up mucus to make it easier to cough up.

In magick, Red Sandalwood is ruled by Venus and Water. It is an excellent herb for all types of love formulations. Works extremely well in Sachets and incenses.

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