Coconut Grater scraper shredder ODIRIS A 8 Stainless Steel Blades High Quality

Coconut Grater scraper shredder ODIRIS A 8 Stainless Steel Blades High Quality


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Coconut Grater scraper shredder ODIRIS A 8- B5 Stainless Steel Blades
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This is original ODIRIS brand model A-8  /B5 from Sri Lanka. 
The Coconut Grater makes fresh, moist coconut from fresh coconuts .   

This is a perfect kitchen utensil for making fresh coconut recipes. It is a table mount model that clamps to any flat work surface.  You can grate one coconut in less than five minutes. 

Made from high-quality stainless steel, this Coconut Scraper is a must for most cooks from South India where coconut is used in almost every dish.  This is a genuine model made in Sri Lanka. 

ODIRIS a Trust Coconut Scraper Brand in Sri Lanka.  

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