Fadna sex  X Tea Men Women Aphrodisiac 100% Natural Herbal Ceylon

Fadna sex X Tea Men Women Aphrodisiac 100% Natural Herbal Ceylon


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Available 40g pack (20 Tea Bags)
X Tea (Ashwaganda and Walpenela) withenia somnifera + cardiospermum microcarpum
Well reputed combination for Aphrodisiac actions. This herbal tea is a blend with pure Ceylon Tea. This combination has been used for strength and vitality in traditional Ayurveda system for a long time. For optimum results use regularly twice a day for 90 days. This tea is also ideal with milk.

Key Benefits
Rejuvenates the body and can be regularly used as an aphrodisiac
Act as an agent for restoring sexual vitality
Useful for male infertility, produces quality semen in the body
Promote general wellbeing and increase strength and vitality
Relaxes mind and body
Regular use helps to correct all forms of neurological disorders

Other Benefits
Supports a healthy immune system
Frequent use relieves mental stress

History of the Product
In the ancient Sanhitha textbooks of Ayurveda, Ashwaganda has been recommended for Rasayana (rejuvenative) and Aphrodisiac effects. There are various aphorodisiac formulas which include Ashwaganda as a major ingredient in ancient sanhitha textbook.

How the Product Works?
According to modern scientific studies antioxidants, flavonoids, withanolides are the major ingredients. Which activate the aphorodisiac action. Laboratory studies have shown that ashwaganda can produce nitric oxide which is known to dilate blood vessels. 1This action may correct erectyle dysfunctions.

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