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Pure Ceylon Tea

Scotsman James Taylor is attributed to planting the first tea estate in Sri Lanka. It was in 1867 that Taylor planted 20 acres of tea on the Loolecondera estate 

(of which he was superintendent). It was here he perfected the technique of fine plucking – `two leaves and a bud.’

Ceylon tea became the front-runner of the industry and was much loved for its unmatched quality and variety. The alchemy of land, sun and rain in the Paradise 

Island of Ceylon, as it was known then, presented the ideal climatic conditions for cultivation of tea. Ceylon added a new dimension to tea by producing 

variations in taste, quality, character and appearance, largely based on terroir of the region. Ceylon tea with its distinct taste and character became every

consumer’s favourite cuppa.

To qualify for the special, legal distinction denoted by the words ‘Ceylon Tea’, and for the famous Lion logo that goes with it, the tea must not only be grown and manufactured entirely in Sri Lanka; it must also conform to strict quality standards laid down and administered by the Sri Lanka Tea Board. It cannot, moreover, 
be mixed or blended with tea from any other part of the world. Even a blend that is 95% Sri Lankan cannot be described as Ceylon Tea.
Tea bearing the Lion Logo must also be packed in Sri Lanka. Overseas importers and distributors cannot use the logo on their packaging, though if the contents 
are 100% Sri Lankan, the name ‘Ceylon Tea’ may still legally be used. These strictures are needed to help consumers distinguish real Ceylon Tea from the 
thousands of products, including many with international brand names that are available around the world, which contain tea of mixed, non-specific origin.

Health benefits 
Tea contains antioxidants
Tea has less caffeine than coffee
Tea may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke
Tea may help with weight loss
Tea may help protect your bones
Tea may keep your smile bright.
Tea may boost the immune system
Tea may help battle cancer

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