50g - EAGLE Naphthalene Cockroach Geckos Pest Insect Moth Control Snow Balls -3.5$

 Naphthalene Balls (Mothballs)

50g  (Approximately 25 Balls)  - 3.5$
100g(Approximately 50 Balls)  - 4.99$
200g(Approximately 100 Balls)  - 8.75$
400g(Approximately 200 Balls)  - 14.80$
800g(Approximately 400 Balls)  - 31.80$
1000g(Approximately 500 Balls)  -  35.80$

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Made of high-graded naphthalene: 99% purity

Usage Methods & Purpose:

You can put it directly with clothings, or lether, or books etc.. 

This product can prevent mildew and moth from your living room and toilet.

protect from - :


Color- Pure White


1.  Put it into chest of drawers, closing the door so that extending using time.

2. Put it away from food, ware for eating and plastic toys etc..

3. Don't use it with any other moth-proof products.

4. Don't eat and keep out of reach of children.

5.Suggest use in :40g/m3

6.Wash your hand after use it.

1 Ball weight 2g
Width 1 cm Height 0.75 Cm


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