200g Clean Coconut Husk fiber, Chips, Bites Orchids flowers,anthurium Free Shipping 8.75$

Coconut Husk chips

200g = 8.75$


Contact for more   500g/1kg/2kg

Adding coconut husk chips to your orchid's potting mix encourages healthy roots.
Coconut husks are an excellent media to grow most Anthurium plants.
Great natural echo friendly toy for birds and parrots who love to peel and shred.
Come in small pieces in variety of sizes normally ranging from 1 - 2 inches.  

For  Pets,Birds,Crafts,Orchid Plants,Anthurium Plants,Variegated Clivia Plants

Benefits of using Coco Kings Coco Chips/Husk Chips &Fiber 

Excellent Drainage, high caution exchange capacity (CEC) 

Lasts longer than bark with no degradation 

100% natural and renewable resource 

Wet coconut husk chips hold water and air like a sponge 

Very clean,uniform and zero wastage 

Prevents stress after re-potting 

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