20 Ceylon Olive Elaeocarpus serratus Seeds For Growing 9.55$

20 Ceylon Olive Elaeocarpus ganitrus Seeds, Rudraksha Mala 
Seeds For Growing from sri lanka
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Name : Elaeocarpus hygrophilus(Ceylon Olive)

Quantity :20 Seeds for plant

Elaeocarpus hygrophilus

This handsome tree of the evergreen rain-forest has nicely shaped dense crown with approximately conical form. In Malaya it has been rated there as a good shade-tree. Growing into remarkably large tree in tropical rainforests, Elaeocarpus usually stays medium-sized tree (20-25 ft tall) in subtropical gardens.

Clusters of finely toothed, glossy, dark green leaves are hairy and paler beneath. Upper twigs are metallic-brown, young leaves are bronze-red, becoming dull dark green. Old leaves turn bright red to scarlet in color before falling, resulting at times in the tree bearing single limbs of bringt red foliage. The tree is normally evergreen, may shed leaves for a short period of time during cold or drought periods.

Elaeocarpus is an ideal tree for the tropical garden as it needs little maintenance to thrive, surviving well in low nutrient and dry soils, except sands and waterlogged areas; it performs best when well watered. The tree grows in a range of light intensities, from heavy shade through to full sun. It is adaptable to zones 9-10 and is hardy to at least light freeze when established (as low as mid-20's). Small plants require regular watering, then as the plant matures in the ground, it becomes drought tolerant.

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