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Ground cardamom is very fine, almost like a powder. It is a common ingredient in Indian cooking. While cardamom is one of the most expensive spices by weight, only a little of its powder is needed to impart its flavour to a dish.

To make cardamom powder, first crack the pods and remove the seeds. Then grind them finely or coarsely. The skins are either discarded or mixed into tea leaves, to give a faint fragrance to the tea. When making slightly larger quantities of crushed cardamom in a spice grinder or mixer, some people like to crush it with the pods in order to ensure a better grind and to prevent the powder from caking. 

How to Select
If making cardamom powder at home, choose the greener cardamoms as they have the best flavour and aroma.
If buying readymade, choose a tightly-sealed package, and check the use-by date to ensure freshness. 
Avoid old stocks, as ground cardamom tends to lose its flavour and aroma soon. 

Culinary Uses
Cardamom powder is widely used in Indian sweet dishes, ice creams, milk specialities, and hot masala milk. 
It adds flavour and aroma to many rice dishes, vegetables and other richly-flavoured dishes.
It is used as a traditional flavouring in coffee and tea.

How to Store 
Ground cardamom tends to lose its flavour and aroma soon as it loses its volatile oils.
Hence, prepare in small quantities and store in an airtight jar in a cool, dry place. 
Also, a small amount of it can be stored in a bottle for daily use and the rest can be kept in a refrigerator. 
It is best used within three months. 

Health Benefits
It stimulates the digestive system and reduces gas.
Its expectorant action improves circulation to the lungs and thus considered good for asthma and bronchitis. 
Can counteract excess acidity in the stomach.
Stimulates appetite and cures halitosis (bad breath).
An infusion made by boiling a couple of pounded cardamoms in a cup of water along with few mint leaves, relieves you from hiccups.

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