100 seed Apple Guava Fruit Seeds, Psidium guajava Common Guayaba Pera 8$


100 seed Apple Guava Fruit Seeds, Psidium guajava Common Guayaba Pera

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Guava common name Guava

The scientific name Psidium guajava L. is in the myrtle family (MYRTACEAE)

Guava is a fruit native to Central America and the West Indies. And is expected to be imported into Thailand during the reign of King Narai the Great. The species in our home that is eaten fresh is the guinea pig. Western Vietnam Golden Key West Guava seedless Guava round barrow etc.

Guava is a fruit rich in vitamins and minerals. By being the fruit with the highest vitamin C among all fruits. 165 grams of vitamin C will give you up to 377 milligrams of vitamin! Vitamin C is five times higher than oranges!

Guava is a healthy fruit that is ideal for those who want to lose weight, lose weight or who are controlling weight. Because guava is rich in fiber. When eaten, it will last longer. Help get rid of stomach Hungry hungry heart. Because fiber will help maintain blood sugar levels. Helps to adjust the level of insulin use of the body properly. And fiber also helps to detoxify as well. Therefore, the skin is radiant.

Hint: Eating guava should not be peeled. To maintain the value of nutrients. And should not eat too much. If possible, should not be eaten with chili, salt, sugar or other, because it is not useful, it also makes us fat too.

The benefits of guava

Very high anti-oxidant. This helps to slow down aging and aging.

Help strengthen the immune system.

Help to brighten the skin. Protect skin from free radicals.

It is suitable for those who want to lose weight, lose weight or control weight.

Helps reduce blood fat.

Helps prevent and reduce the risk of cancer.

Used to treat cholera.

Helps to treat high blood pressure.

Helps to cure diabetes.

Help prevent heart disorders.

Leaf guava used in bad breath. With 3-5 fresh leaves to chew, then exhale.

Gently helps to nourish the gums and dreams.

Guava leaves help relieve toothache, swollen gums.

Can help with scurvy or scurvy.

Root for nasal bleeding.

Dried boiled water Helps to cure dry throat.

Freshly brewed boiled water helps to cure diarrhea. Prevention of inflammatory bowel disease

Leaves help treat diarrhea, diarrhea

Tea made from soft leaves is used for the treatment of dysentery.

Ripe fruit is used as a laxative. Fix constipation

Helps detoxification as a whole in the body.

Nail clippers help to relieve pain.

Used to treat rash ulcers.


Leaf leaves to heal wounds.

Leaves are used as a cleanser, sucking, sucking, detoxifying, wounds, chronic toxins, foot bites.

Root is used to treat diphtheria, ulcer, ulcer

Used in the prevention of hemorrhoids by using the pounded pounding and then mask the bleeding. (Wash the leaf first)

Helps to deodorize pests from insects and dead rats. By using a few cooked guava leaves left in the radius of the smell. The smell will disappear.

Eating guava will help remove stains on the teeth.

The shell of the guava used to make dyes.

Popular to be processed into various products such as guava, guava, soaked plum, guava and many kinds of sweets.

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