Coconut Rope Natural Echo Friendly Fiber clothe line vine support Parrot Toy - $3.99

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Rope Coconut Coir Natural Fiber Bird Eco Friend Cloth Line Toy  Bio Degradable Husk Twisted 10 Feet

Coconut Rope Fiber Home Decor Parrot Bird Toy  02 ply 04mm Thick 

Natural echo friendly bio-degradable material you can use for many household purposes:

You can put a clothe line in your back yard.

You can make a swing for your pet bird to play in

You can hang flower pots and many other things indoor or outdoor

You can support your vegetable plants such as beans to grow by making a structure

You can use it as a craft material

Rest is your imagination and creativity.


Made from Coconut husk strands by villagers standing on their feet rolling them until the rope is formed.  Harsh and stiff with a very coarse bristle, our Coconut Fiber Rope is 2 ply twisted with a very tight weave.  

Thickness- About 4mm

100% Made From Coconut Fiber

Suitable for Home Decorations, Pet Toys

Eco Friendly

Coir rope has many uses, including tying up animals, securing loads, and webbing for beds. Coir fiber is also used to make other things like brushes, doormats, mattress filling, padding inside furniture, sacking, garden twine, and matting for pot plants and gardens.

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